Build Update v0.16

Hi to all who have played Alteran Frost,

Thank you for your support, feedback, and reviews. We recently revisited Alteran Frost, providing it a few (much needed) updates and fixes. We may, unfortunately, not be providing much more following this for Alteran Frost, however, we do have a new game in the pipeline which very much takes some of the best elements of Alteran Frost. We will keep you all updated. For now, enjoy Alteran Frost!

Bug Fixes:

  • Some keyboard bindings not listed within instructions, have not been added.
  • Fade texture at the start of the game was misaligned.
  • Added dissolve texture to start sequence, to make the introduction a bit nicer.
  • Flashlight issue (not working after respawn) fixed.
  • Cleanup to how the journal works (much faster).
  • Some text in notifications and dialogue was being cut, so have fixed this (will adjust as necessary).
  • Fix to fire placement issue within tutorial (didn't always trigger next dialogue point).
  • Made rescue a little easier, as chance of rescue did not update a whole lot, after many days (expectation that players would player for a long time ;) )
  • Player temp now starting at 37 (was 36 for an unknown reason).

Updates and Changes:

  • Updated Alteran Frost to use Unity Engine version 2017.3
  • Use of a temperature graph, to better control temperature falloff.
  • Update to Interaction mechanics, so to be smoother.
  • Added objective section to the inventory, so what the user is currently meant to do is displayed.
    • Notifications also provide next objective.
  • Reason for death added to death screen. 
  • Game now pauses when options ('esc') menu is open (stylistic change).
  • More, and clearer, notifications and dialogue from the user, to help explain what to do next.
  • New prompts for looking at the map.
  • Temp calculation more forgiving.
  • Whole numbers used with player stats (except for body temp).
  • Temp effect of the fire has been fixed, with it providing a very small amount of change, over a large area.
  • Hunger and Hydration now more forgiving.
  • Retexture to rocks, trees, and dead trees. 
  • Amalgamation of more of the games assets, into a single material.


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Apr 06, 2018

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