New Build - v0.14a!


We have recently completed further bug fixes, and several new additions.

Please check out the new build, and give us some feedback!

Thanks again.


Bug Fixes

  • -Stopped spamming of cooking notification
  • -Fix to hotbar – when it was full, and an item had taken its spot, it would unequip the current item incorrectly.
  • -Fix to one item not being able to be picked up.
  • -Fix to storage – not transferring items back correctly, and also closing incorrectly on late check. Working perfectly now.
  • -Take-all button wasn't stacking incoming items, now does.
  • -Fix to whistle, now actually plays and sound won't spam.
  • -Fix to campfire placement within plane
  • -Interaction area around Claire and Adam increased, so to make it easier to interact with them.
  • -Fix to cooking, with items being placed in the wrong slot after being cooked.
  • -Code made more efficient around the swapping of items, notifications, and some safety checks to ensure things are happening when they are meant to (just in case).
  • -Fix to audio at game load
  • -Fix to campfire light bounce on map
  • -Fix to not all caves allowing campfires (now do).
  • -Triggers for tutorial zone implemented properly.
  • -Fix to rescue chance, ensuring there is a slight chance up after each day, and ensure a 'roll' happens.
  • -Fix to flashlight being able to be unequipped while turned on, and remain on (and then cause a hitch if then re-equipped).
  • -Inputs for flashlight cleaned up.
  • -Dead passengers on start land a bit better, and not so much in chairs!

Additions and Changes

  • -Take-all button now linked with 'T' keyboard key, so to quickly take items, without having to open the inventory.
  • -Removal of save and load buttons, as needs to be redone in parts (sorry in the meantime).
  • -Addition of more options for changing sound levels in-game, to pause menu.
  • -Crafting bar added to main UI space, so crafting can be seen when inventory closed.
  • -Addition of loading between start sequence and main game.
  • -Start sequence can be skipped within scene (removal of option on main menu)

Currently being worked on

  • -Initial dialogue scene with Claire

- When see through tarp appears (blue box shapes on plane entry), make sure to set this up straight away, before talking to Claire. Should be fixed for next build!

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